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¤¤¤        The official Nocturnal Breed bio ¤¤¤.


Biography made by: Happy never after Management

During the spring of 1996 “Destroyer” formed what had been his “brainchild” for a long time. Having just left “Satyricon” and “Gehenna” to search out new grounds, he teamed up with his long time friend and fellow hellraiser “Ed Damnator” to form “Nocturnal Breed”. After presenting “Ed” with some material “Destroyer” had recorded at home, they decided to record. “Gordon Studio” got the honour. Recording started in August 1996...

“The general idea behind the music was to create, not just fast vivid aggression and atmosphere, but also generate explosive and pulsive madness in the minds of the listener”.

Collaborating with them were “C. Demon” and “Bitch Molester” as session-members. After a three days of alcoholic frenzy, the first “Nocturnal Breed” demo “Raping the angels” hit the streets of Oslo.  The demo was made just for the purpose of being party-inspirement for friends, fellow headbangers and hellraisers. It was printed in an extremely limited quantity only.

As the “Breed” headed for the studio to record their second demo, this time without “C. Demon” and “Bitch Molester”, but bringing on ex. “Dimmu Borgir” man “Tjodalv” to do the drums.  The Norwegian label “Hot Records” offered to release the two tracks “Dead dominions” and “Rape the angels” on the label compilation “Rape of the holy trinity”. The decision to do so was made out of pure curiosity, to see if there was any interest for this kind of music in the broad masses. The feedback was, needless to say wild!

While the “Hot Records” sampler became a party artifact, just as important as beer and chicks around the steady growing legion of “Nocturnal Breed” fans, the “Black cult” demo was finished. (Though never yet to be released) This was back in February 1997.

“Breed” was offered a two album record-deal by Dutch label, “Hammerheart Records”.  The band went for the deal...

In April 1997 they once again went to “Gordon Studio” to record their debut album “Aggressor”, with the help of session musicians “Astennu”, “C. Demon”, and “Rick Hellraiser” they hammered the album in amazing three weeks.

The summer was spent drinking and looking for the right people for the forthcoming European tour with “Emperor” and “Bal-sagoth”. After searching, and searching, the hunt finally gave results. Two guys with the right attitude and inspiration, namely “I. Maztor” (Guitars) and “Andy Michaels” (Drums) were hired to do the European tour as session musicians.

In the autumn, the same year (just before the tour) “Aggressor” hit the world with storm. Radio stations and magazines went nuts over the raw energy and the timing was perfect when the tour started.

As a bonus for the tour they released a 300 limited tour 10” picture disc entitled “Raping Europe ’97” that featured the classic “Screaming for a leather bitch”, (this was also the only studio recording that featured “Andy Michaels” on drums)

After a very successful tour “I. Maztor” was made permanent member of the band, due to some truly magic guitar skills. “Andy Michaels” was replaced with the new permanent drummer “Tex Terror”, and for the first time in the history of “Breed” the band was a full four-piece.

After a winter of interviews and some well deserved rest the MCD, “Triumph of the blasphemer” was released in may 1998, featuring the title track, a few live-tracks from the last tour, and some of the tracks from the tour picture disc. It was a new experience to release, some of the raw live energy that erupts during “Nocturnal Breed” concerts. Though poor sound quality, the live songs on this MCD, reveals pretty much what “Nocturnal Breed” was about, those days.

After a summer, and autumn of promotion activities and a fair amount of interviews the band recorded a third demo, “Armageddon Nights” to experiment a little in advance of a studio session, and to see if there were any riffs or sounds suiting the upcoming second album. 

The time was right and hence they once again turned to “Gordon Studio” for the recording of their third album “No retreat…No surrender”. As with most “Nocturnal Breed” recordings, all the music is made while in the studio, as they feel this captures more of the energy and excitement in creating new music...

After these five weeks of recording, “Ed Damnator” was sadly forced to leave the band, in order to concentrate on his other band “Dimmu Borgir”. He left a huge gap, and for some time the band was a trio.

But as the first words on a new European tour with label mates “Aura Noir” and “Aeturnus” came about, “Ben Hellion” was hooked up with the “Breed” and due to his attitude, and musical skills joined the band as fulltime member in September 1998.

The tour with “Aura Noir” and “Aeturnus” was a wild beer and bitch soaking two week party, that left the clubs of Europe, never to quite be the same. After touring, and a lot of local shows in Oslo “Nocturnal Breed” chose to leave “Hammerheart Records” in April 1999.

For the first time in over two years “Nocturnal Breed” was standing on their own eight feet, and without hesitation they decided to run their own show.

The next months were spent writing material and preparing for a new album.

This time, the guys had to finance it themselves, and In September ’99, they came back to “Gordon studio” again, to spend three months making songs and experimenting wildly, with ideas the members had come up with individually.

The result was “The tools of the trade”

After a long time searching for the right label, they ended up signing with American label “Holycaust Records”

“The tools of the trade” went through a complete changeover; it was mixed twice and mastered for a whole month, all to achieve the ultimate result of one year of determined work.