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There are several factors i would like to point out about this collection of demos. I think i can speak for the gentleman who played in Morbid Scream: they never imagined these recordings would ever be properly released, much less over 15 years after they were made. They are what they are: ripping speed metal demos recorded in the mid-80's
to present a new style of death/thrash for the era. We have made every effort to make these recordings as polished as possible to represent them the way they were originally intended. 

Morbid Scream also chronicled the evolution of another band from their same community, Absu. As such, this makes them of historical interest. I am still amazed at some of the music that they were creating at the time. It is noteworthy, i think, to demonstrate that Morbid Scream was executing death/thrash metal long before Absu had ever heard some of the bands we have been accused of emulating. To this day, i cannot believe this group of musicians fram Plano, Texas could be making the kind of music that we wer all into at the time and place. This gives reason enough to release this collection on CD format.

Proscriptor McGovern