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In Nomine - Suerte & Muerte LP (Chile) Traditional metal, with speed and old black metal way influences. Full of philosophy of exclusion in Spanish language, against the trends that you want...
-red/black split color vinyl
-jackets 20pt SBS, 1/8" spine
-4/4 12" insert
-vinyl/print pressed in america, not GZ/europe.

1/1/2013 Hades Archer-"Gloria Rex Infernvs" woven patch out now. 

8/9/2012 Cruel Force -The Rise of Satanic Might CD is out.   
European orders are encouraged to contact Deathstrike/Masters Throne, Asia through Deaththrash Armageddon. 

6/6/2012 out now: Hades Archer (Chile)- "The Curse over Mankind" CD! 25+ minutes of Bestial Black Metal Ritual.  


Triumphator: "terror triumphant" 1 sided T-shirts XL " $15
100% cotton Gilden brand Tshirt. In honor of the upcoming Marduk usa tour


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Portrait-pins are available now.