Chaos unleashed!

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1349 started out in 1994 as Hqfdingi Myrkra with Ravn on drums and vocals and Seidemann on bass and guitar. This band had a long break during which Ravn played in a band called Alvheim. When Alvheim split in 1998 Ravn recruited guitarists Tjalve and Balfori from Alvheim and formed 1349. Balfori left due to musical differences after 1349's first demo (never to be released, recorded January '99) Sometime during the following summer 1349
entered the studio to record a new demo entitled "Chaos Preferred" with Tjalve handling all the guitars. This demo was faster, darker and rawer than the older material and more in accord with Ravn's vision of true, synth-free old school Black Metal. 

After this demo 1349 started looking for another guitarist, and in September '99 they  found Archaon whose excellent technique and blistering speed took 1349's music to a new level of extremity...
1349 continued to rehearse and write new songs while sending the demo to labels, and were recording new material when they landed a deal with Holycaust records. 

The new material was faster, heavier and more complex and 1349 borrowed Frost of Satyricon as a session drummer in the studio. Frost was impressed by the material and was welcomed as a permanent member of 1349.