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ΑΧΕΡΟΝΤΑΣ (Acherontas)- "Malocchio-The Seven Tongues of  ΔΑΗΜΩΝ" CD

After a 15-year-long second period of esoteric culmination, the Coven of ΑΧΕΡΟΝΤΑΣ now enters the next alchemical stage of its existence.
Transforming and shapeshifting into a yet-unexplored aspect of the same Entity, a new Seal is unveiled, channeling the hidden forces into the future of our Great Work: ΑΧΕΡΟΝΤΑΣ is revealed.

The Coven is reborn as ΑΧΕΡΟΝΤΑΣ. And today, Holycaust announces April 30th as the U.S. release date for The Seven Tongues of ΔΑΗΜΩΝ, the band's first album under the banner of ΑΧΕΡΟΝΤΑΣ.

A compass of feverish devotion unto the omnipotent and everlasting, the Gateway to the Sinister Arts that glorify the Other. Seven rays conjoined within a seal of apparition, whereupon all weak aspects of the Self fall into disarray, surfacing the Iron facet of spiritual survival across the planes of the uncharted Netherworlds.

A map, a weapon, and ceremonial ornament of the Seven Archons, molded and reforged to signify the Eternal Hunt of blood-ridden Aeons.
ΑΧΕΡΟΝΤΑΣ commented on the new album: "The new Opus, bearing the fiery symbolic crown of The Seven Tongues of ΔΑΗΜΩΝ, unto the realms of matter. The sands of creation shall shift once again, as the new album of the Coven signifies the sail towards new horizons, fertilizing the grounds with blessed sonic resources to bear fruits on spiritual levels.

Seven pacts with powers unknown to mortal men, yet to be known to the elevated individual that chooses to follow the thread beyond mortality. Seven pathways to the Inner Sanctum, grasping a harsh lesson, a taunt of spirit and soul, benign and glorifying.

"The Coven places this newborn Opus upon the altars of the Seven Gods, paying tribute to the forces of the Other that have inspired its course over the decades. The listener is set to be reached by this reverence, since this reverence is set to extend within the listener and let him become one with the multidimensional becoming that is assigned, this Mission of Seven Hells and Seven Destinations.

This is a new era of continuity, forging all the bestial aspects of the Past to a shining athame that shapes the Future."



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